Apr 21,2016

As the epitome of the strength, endurance, and devotion of the Angels, Taurus has come to the aid of the Mages in their plight against the dark forces.

Taurus is know to stand her ground no matter the odds. It’s easy to see how Taurus earned the nickname “The Unmoving Mountain” by her peers. She has never once let her allies down, and her presence alone can bring assurance and calm to a battlefield. While her strength in combat is a sight to behold, her stability is the real base of her power. To fight alongside Taurus feels like the entire world has your back.

Taurus’ battle skill, Raging Cyclone, creates a fierce whirlwind of steel and destruction that deals heavy damage to all nearby enemies while reducing their attack and slowing their movements. Close in on your foes and unleash the rage of the Warden and seal your victory!