Skills are the bread and butter of every Mage in Magerealm. Your character’s combat skills can be enhanced and even altered to have a variety of different effects, providing players a way to create their unique skill system.

Each class has a total of 5 combat skills. The first skill is your basic attack with no MP cost and minimum cooldown time. Other skills Skills can be leveled as your character reaches certain levels (different for each skill), so check your skill menu often. Upgrading a skill usually increases its damage, duration or similar effect, depending on the type of skill. Each skill also has 5 Skill Runes that will unlock as you level up. These runes alter your skills to do a variety of things. You can preview the effects of each rune in the Skill/Rune menu.

Each class also can access a set of 9 class talents. These talents unlocked starting at level 35 and provide passive buffs for your character.

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