Magerealm offers players a unique training ground mode called Grinding. Here you will find endless waves of monsters for you to slaughter. The unique part is you can set your character to automatically fight while you are away from the game. You can set your automated actions in the Grinding menu, such as using HP potions when your life is below a certain amount. 

Grinding is always open to players, 24 hours a day. At certain times of the day, participating in Grinding will provide an EXP bonus, but you will only receive the bonus for 1 hour max each day (starting from when you first enter Grinding). Players will also receive an EXP bonus according to their VIP level. Grinding is a great way to gain EXP and various materials.

There are 3 stages of Grinding, each increasing in difficulty and level. Players can access this game mode starting at level 35. There are also 2 types of zones in Grinding. The Safe zone is PvE-only and you just have to worry about killing monsters. The Conflict zone is PvP-enabled, allowing players to attack each other, making it far more dangerous. The monsters are also stronger, but the EXP reward is much greater to compensate.

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