Scattered across Magerealm are magic crystals containing great power. These crystals are in great demand and Mages are constantly sent to harvest them, but resources are scarce and competition is fierce. Raiders is an open-map event where players all compete with one another to see who can gather the most crystals.

There are 3 stages of Raiders, each increasing in difficulty and level. Players can access this game mode starting at level 37. Raiders is only open at certain times of the day. You will find 2 types of zones in Raiders. The Safe zone is PvE-only and you are only competing in resource gathering. The Conflict zone is PvP-enabled and players can PK each other to steal crystals. Players can get crystals by either collecting it themselves or killing other players and stealing theirs (in Conflict zone only). Collected crystals must be brought back to the collection area to count for your score, while crystals stolen from other players will be automatically added to your score. Rewards will given be based on your rank.

Players that are killed will lose a portion of their crystals and revive in the Safe zone after 30 seconds. Diamonds can be used to revive immediately. If you can successfully kill your attacker within 1 minute, you will recover your stolen crystals.

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