Crucible of Angel

The vile demons are hell bent on destroying the Council of Mages, and to achieve this goal they have set their eyes on the Elf Queen. The Crucible of Angel is a unique defend-style dungeon where players must work together and protect the Elf Queen from waves of powerful monsters. Do you have what it takes to overcome this challenge? Test your fortitude; great rewards await those who can truly be called Protector of the Realm. 

There are 3 stages of Crucible of Angel, each increasing in difficulty and level. Players can access this game mode starting at level 43. The event is only open at certain times of the day and you will be given 2 attempts each day (resets daily). Up to 3 players can group together to take on the Crucible. You will be scored according to the difficulty and how many waves of monsters you can survive. Scores are ranked among all participants and your reward will be determined by your ranking.

Official Site: http://mage.gtarcade.com/
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