Get Angel Sagittarius for FREE!

Apr 08,2016

Complete required request below for Sagittarius Shards to exchange for Angel Sagittarius! The Summon Box can only be exchanged once for all. The extra shards you had after this event can be exchanged for mysterious gift later!


5:00 Apr.7th - 5:00 Apr.13th




Requirement Rewards
Complete Ladder fight 10 times On April 7.
Sagittarius Shard*20
Complete Duel fight 5 times On April 8.
Sagittarius Shard*20
Complete Snatchers fight 10 times On April 9.
Sagittarius Shard*20
Complete Trial 2 times On April 10.
Sagittarius Shard*20
Complete World Boss 1 time On April 11.
Sagittarius Shard*20
Complete Storyline quests 10 times On April 12.
You may exchange 100 shards to one Summon Box - Sagittarius*1

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