Brand Official Instagram Now!

Sep 18,2016

Brand Official Instagram Now!

We'll give away FREE Imbue Stone Ⅳ*50 & Siphon Stone*10 to all players if our Instagram reaches 300 LIKES and extra GIFTS for 500 LIKES and 1,000 LIKES this month! 

【300 LIKES:Imbue Stone Ⅳ*50 & Siphon Stone*10

500 LIKES:Aptitude Stone III*10 & Hero Potential Chest*30 & Dragon Bone*30

1000 LIKES:Hallowed Orb*5 & Blessing Stone Ex*1 & Essence Ex.*2】

Spread the word by inviting your friends to LIKE our page Magerealm!

Check and follow us on: https://www.instagram.com/magerealm


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