Jun 01,2015

Strongbrew is a half-human, half-dwarf that was abandoned at birth but found and raised by the dwarves of the Moria mines. As a half-breed, he was nearly three times the size of a normal dwarf. His freakish size often became a focal point at which the other dwarven children teased him for. 

When Strongbrew grew to an adult, he became obsessed with drinking and brewing ale like most dwarves. He was soon able to out-drink anyone in Moria and gained the respect of those around him. But Strongbrew became discontent with the ales at home and decided to leave Moria to explore the mainland in search of new ale recipes and precious brewing materials. Fortunately for Strongbrew, it was during his travels when Moria was destroyed by the orcs.

Strongbrew is a child at heart and carries a jolly attitude as long as his barrel is full of ale. When threatened, he wields his huge wooden barrel as a weapon to smash his enemies. He can also utilize his round size to literally roll away to escape from danger.