Green Ranger

Jun 01,2015

Out of all the rangers of the Eryn tribe, Green Ranger is easily the most skilled. Her marksmanship is unrivaled among her peers, a feat even more amazing considering she is the youngest ranger. Green Ranger was adopted by the Eryn tribe with no clue to her origins, and having to fend for herself from an early age has molded her into a deadly archer. She is given the most dangerous tasks by the tribe and carries them out with precise efficiency. 

With the power of the wind at her call, Green Ranger can create devastating whirlwinds around her arrows to pierce the strongest armor. And instead of using conventional arrows, she conjures her own with magic, providing an inexhaustible supply to rain on her foes.

Green Ranger is the epitome of a cold beauty. Her striking appearance has captured the hearts of many male rangers, but her cold, unyielding character has kept them all at bay. She prefers to be alone and has almost no friends.