Panda Monk

Jun 01,2015

Panda Monk hails from the secluded region of Pandrosa, an island shrouded in mystery that seems to have only existed in legends told by the elders. The moment Panda Monk set foot on the mainland, he changed the myth of Pandrosa into reality. While Panda Monk is a strong warrior with incredible martial arts skills, he is a gentle soul that only uses his strength when absolutely necessary to help those in need. His unquenchable curiosity has also made him wise beyond his years and worthy of being called a Master. His polite nature and kindheartedness has earned the respect of everyone he has encountered during his travels.

In his ever-pursuit of wisdom, Panda Monk now travels the land seeking new knowledge and experiences. At the same time he defends the weak against the ancient evil plaguing the mainland.

Basic Attack Deals damage to target.
Drunken Fist Deals damage to enemy while increasing crit chance.
Thunderclap Smash the ground to damage an enemy and reduce their attack for a brief period.
Mist of Wine Spew a drunken haze that damages targets in front and reduces their hit rate, effect lasts for a brief period.