Soul Reaper

Jun 12,2015

Soul Reaper comes from long lineage of evil spirit hunters. Every generation in her family has taken up the job of chasing evil and darkness to the ends of the world. It is a harsh and perilous life that few are suited for, and hunters never live to old age, but a normal life is not something Soul Reaper would ever consider.

At the age of 16, Soul Reaper took her father’s spirit crossbows and set out on her own. Unbeknownst to her, a great darkness lurked in her heart. Her ancestors were cursed by a great evil, and that curse continues to pass from generation to generation. It slowly eats at the soul until the person is completely consumed by evil. This is the reason her ancestors became hunters, preferring to fall in battle with evil then to succumb to it. Soul Reaper continues her family’s task while seeking a way to lift the curse.