Sinister Fate

Jun 12,2015

From a young age, Sinister Fate was enamored with the arcane arts. But with no formal magic training, her magic usually backfired and caused endless trouble for her clan. Soon she was pegged as a bad luck omen by the others, and even her own family. Sinister Fate was given the ultimatum to cease playing with magic or leave the clan. She immediately chose to leave, for her only love was magic. Out on her own, there was no longer any obstructions in the way. She could freely study and practice magic whichever way she pleased. 

One day, Sinister Fate stumbled upon a new kind of magic she had never seen before. Without hesitation, she plunged into the power and made it her own. This mysterious gift granted Sinister Fate the power to turn desires into reality, but gave her an even greater hunger for magic, like a bottomless abyss.