Jun 18,2015

Paladin is a holy warrior and an icon of virtue. He embodies strength, honor, justice, resolve; everything that one would expect from a stalwart knight and protector of the innocent. Although he has an aged and weathered appearance, Paladin carries a gentle spirit. He is has a kind demeanor, but fights with unmatched fury to defend the good. Wielding his mighty hammer and holy magic, Paladin shows no sign of fear as he faces even the greatest evils. He is a bastion of hope to his allies on the battlefield and his presence alone can inspire victory.

The dark invasion has invigorated Paladin. Now, more than ever, he is certain of his calling. He travels the land, destroying evil while spreading word of the light. Paladin wishes to teach others how to awaken their own inner light so they can fight for themselves against the shadows that are closing in.