On your road to becoming a legend in Magerealm, you will achieve many feats that will be recorded in the annals of the Achievement system. The Council of Mages will recognize your growth and noble actions with achievement rewards. When you reach a certain level, you can access the personal Achievement menu from your Character menu. Here you will find Achievement Medals and the achievements that are needed to complete them. Once you fulfilled all the achievement requirements for a medal, you will receive a handsome reward and advance to the next medal. 

You will also get Titles by completing achievements. Titles show others what you have done while providing additional stats for your character. Only one title may be active on your character at any time. There are many different types of titles. Most titles are from completing the listed achievements. Some titles are hidden, and the requirements will not be shown so you must find them yourself. Try doing crazy feats and see what you can find! There are also titles from special events and unique titles that are only award to a few, such as winners of special events.

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