In your journey across Magerealm, you will encounter both the Light and Dark Angel. When the player reaches a certain level, they will be able to activate the Statue of Light and Dark Angel and be able to obtain their own Angel.

Your Angel will follow your character, but they do not participate in combat. Their greatest asset is the powerful buffs they provide, such as increasing your max HP, attack, or defense. Angels will greatly improve your fighting capabilities. Each Angel also has 9 runes to give additional bonuses, but only 4 may be active at one time so choose wisely which will benefit your class the most. 

Angels can be augmented using special materials to increase the bonuses they provide and even change their appearance. Once you fill up 5 hearts, your Angel will rank up, improving their buffs, unlocking runes, and increasing your compatibility rating with your Angel. A fully augmented Angel will make your character an unstoppable force in battle.

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