In Magerealm you will find an assortment of Heroes of all shapes and sizes. These heroes will act as your right-hand man so pick carefully which hero best matches your class. You can see a list of Heroes by going into the Tavern or Hero menu and clicking Change Hero.

Heroes are divided into 3 types.
Warrior: Typically melee, high HP with defensive abilities, and some offense
Assassin: High attack and/or crit value, able to quickly deal great damage
Support: Able to provide HP recovery and typical have control skills

The Growth rate in the Hero screen shows how your hero will advance as they level up. You can determine the potential of a hero by looking at their growth rate. 

Heroes are obtained from the Tavern. Here you will find two options: Basic Draw and Drawx10. Basic draw costs gold to draw 1 card that can reward a random Hero or materials. You receive 3 free Basic draws each day, with a 10-minute cooldown between free draws. Drawx10 costs Diamonds to draw 10 cards, with one of them guaranteed to be a Legendary Hero.

Heroes play an important role in combat alongside your character. Assign a Hero in the Hero menu and they will follow you into battle. Heroes automatically fight and cannot be controlled. They will become incapacitated when if HP reaches 0. Once you reach level 40 and 50, you can unlock Hero substitution slots. When your primary Hero dies in battle, the Heroes in the sub slots will replace that Hero until the end of the dungeon.

A properly trained hero will become an indispensable ally to a Mage. There are manly ways to improve your heroes. 

Hero Level: The most basic method of improving your Hero is to level them up with EXP potions. Heroes gain basic stat increases every level. Every Hero has their own level cap, based on the quality of that Hero. 

Hero Potential: Another method to improve your hero’s effectiveness is through Hero Potential. You can upgrade your Hero’s HP, attack, or defense using the related essence type. Maxing all 3 categories will increase your potential level by 1. The higher your Hero’s current potential, the more essence you will need to upgrade to the next level.

Hero Siphon: When you draw a hero you already possess, you can break down that hero card into hero soulshards and siphon them with your main Hero to increase their Siphon level. Higher siphon level provides stat boosts depending on the Hero, as well +1 to their skill levels.

Hero Pentacle: Finally, each Hero has a Pentacle. Filling a corner of the pentacle with a star will increase the Hero’s star level by 1 while providing bonus stats. Once you reach start level 5, the Glyph slot opens in the middle. Slotting a Glyph will greatly increase the Hero’s HP, attack, and defense.

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