Server Maintenance on 6:15 6/10 EDT

Jun 10,2015

We are very sorry that we have an urgent update on 6:15 EDT 6/10. Please go offline ahead of time!

Dear players, according to your reports in bug slayer event, we have fixed the following bugs:

1. lvl.48-49 can't fight World BOSS

2. The error message in Trial: Insufficient Federation Level --- Now fixed as "Insufficient Council Level"

3. A brand new World Chat will come. Old world chat will work as "All chat"

4. The description of lvl.5-10 ATK/DEF/HP Gem.

5. Extra daily attempts Mage Council grants.

6. Server Time display

7. All the [space] in sentences.

8. Can use M4 emoticons in private chat, even you are not M4.

Next step we will fix the following bugs:

1. Grinding EXP bug.

2. Didn't give rewards after the survey is finished.

3. NPC in Oaklane showing in Dungeons again.

4. Setting list error in World Boss Treasure Hunt.

Thank you for your feedback in Bug Slayer Event, as well as your continuous support in Magerealm!

Spoiler of the Forum Event

Next step we will hold the following forum event:

1. Strategy Gathering Event

2. Suggestion Gathering Event

3. FM/GM Recruitment

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