Enhanced Heroes are here!

Jul 09,2015

Heroes have always been a crucial part of players’ journey in Magerealm. Compared to fighting alone, having Heroes and Angels in your team greatly boosts Battle Ratings. While Heroes are powerful and varied, only one can be in battle at any point, therefore, it is extra important to choose the best Hero. Don’t you wish your Hero can stand out from the rest? Well, Enhanced Heroes is the answer!

In the coming new version, Enhanced Heroes are upgrades of regular Heroes, and could be an awesome change to Magerealm. With greater Growth Space and being more powerful, they are more than capable of winning victory in PVE and PVP.

Aside from the increase in Battle Ratings, the physical appearance of those Enhanced Heroes are more attractive and unique

Stay tuned for a first-hand look of features of the Enhanced Heroes:

Look out for news and updates, take part in all Magerealm events and add Enhanced Heroes to your team!

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