Fun Game for the new Mounts System: Cypher!

Nov 10,2015


1. Use 1 move to switch the gems.
2. Clear 3 gems of same color in a row and get points.
3. More combos, more points, higher chance to get items.
4. 1 move is added every 30 minutes until it reaches the cap.
5. You may buy extra moves with Diamonds/Realmgems. More purchase attempts with higher Federation level.
6. Use Perfect Clear to clear all the gems at a time. More purchase attempts with higher Federation level.
7. Reach certain points to get Pts. Chests. The points reset at 5:00 a.m daily.
8. You need to reach at least 5000 Pts. To rank in Weekly Rank. Only Top100 will be awarded.
9. Weekly Rank resets at 5:00 a.m every Monday.

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