Pisces - Rose of the Angels

Feb 18,2016

Magerealm, GTArcade’s fast-paced action MMORPG, is here to introduce a new Angel to the Realm -Pisces, the Angel of February!

Pisces is an Angel of great renown and admired by many throughout the kingdom. With her signature blade, The Rose’s Thorn, she is often known as the Rose of the Angels. Pisces carries the beauty and elegance of a red rose, but her enemies will quickly discover this rose definitely has thorns. Pisces has always been a stalwart defender of the Realm and has arrived on the front lines to aid the Mages with her truly unique abilities.



The uncanny power of Pisces defies death itself. Her Immortal Power is a buff that increases the player’s attack and defense, but its true power lies in the immortality effect it grants. During the duration of the buff, if the player takes fatal damage, they will instead regain 30% of their HP and become immune to damage for the next 5 seconds. This effect can enable more aggressive approaches to battles. With Pisces at your side, death is nothing to fear! Push onwards to victory!

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