Machines of War

Sep 01,2016

GTArcade’s fantasy action MMORPG Magerealm has a new hero that’s ready to roll out. A combination of hard steel and deadly firepower, Mekatron XT-05 is a hero the likes of which players have never seen until now. Read more to learn about the latest addition to the free to play browser game.

At an unknown point in the past, scouts of the Mage Council discovered remnants of an ancient advanced civilizaton. While there were no traces of the people of this civilization, their leftover technology was like nothing the Council had ever seen. Fearing that it might fall into the wrong hands, the Council kept it in complete secrecy while studying the technology behind closed doors. Recently a breakthrough in their research has a resulted in the creation of a machine of war, codenamed Mekatron XT-05. Mekatron XT-05 was built for one purpose, to annhilate his enemies without remorse.

Heavy Barrage and Annihilate are Mekatron’s AOE skills and they both pack a wallop. Heavy Barrage has a huge stun effect while Annihilate does an insane amount of damage. Both skills also debuff all enemies hit. Overdrive, oe of his passive skills, increases the pierce rate and attack of the entire team, providing a substantial boost in your overall damage output.

On the defensive end, Mekatron can go into Repair Mode when attacked, allowing him to heal himself over time while becoming immune to damage for the duration. His Barriers increase his damage reduction while debuffing the damage of his attackers.

Are you ready to level the battlefield with superior firepower? Log into Magerealm to see more details about Mekatron XT-05. 


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