Recruit Heroes Guide

Jul 09,2015

Made by: freyafm

To access “Recruit Heroes” (which can be opened after player character reach lvl 22) you have to open Recruit Heroes at the top side side of your screen. (See the picture below)

Once opened, you will be able to draw for hero or basic hero training materials randomly in Tavern. (See the picture below)

You can draw with gold after you’ve used your  free attempts.

And also, you can Draw with diamonds!

To Recruit a Hero, simply click the button “Recruit” (see picture below).  From there you will be able to recruit a various range of Heroes.

Hero Badges are necessary in order to recruit a hero. Those are available by dismissing heroes. Higher the growth stat, more badges you get.
These heroes will act as your  right-hand man so pick carefully which hero best matches your class.

There are 3 types:  Warrior, Assassin,  Support.

Here are your  Heroes who could be the your Ace up the  sleeve:

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