Nov 20,2015

Harvest Day


Dear Players, we are glad to introduce our brand new mount: Griffin!

This brand new and strong mount can be acquired by competing in "Harvest Day!"


To join Harvest Day event you have to click on "Harvest Day" event icon. Which can be found at the top of your event screen icons. (See Picture below)


After Opening the event main interface will be shown:

Points reward is first thing you will see after opening Harvest Day icon. There is "Progress Bar Tab" which indicates how much points you got so far and will show you the nearest score in "Point Rewards" that is awaiting you after you gain enough points. Example: You have gained 1452 score, but the progress is still at 1452/2000 because the nearest reward is for 2000 which includes Bag of Gold and 2x Bag of Amethyst.

Progress meter bar will move on after you cross score of 2000 to next reward 5000.


"Get Points" Clicking on this tab will open you window where you will see how many of points are given for each activity you do on your server. (See picture below).

You have 2 other tabs at this event: Daily ranking and Total ranking.


At Daily ranking tab you can gain everyday more and more prizes depending on where you place on which post on your server! The more points the better the reward! Ranking resets daily at 5am and only the TOP 20 can claim the daily rewards! (See picture below)

Total ranking tab is where you collect your overall points "performace" you can gain the best rewards at the end of the event if you collect at least 40,000 points! Top3 will be rewarded with this Limited Mount Griffin! Take your chance to ride the strong and powerful mount!

Let's take a look at the Griffin Mount:


Skill description:


In Game appearance:


Hope you will enjoy yourself in game with the newest mount Griffin!

FM Team.

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