Version Update during Closed Beta 4

Jun 16,2015

Update time: June 15th

Version number: ///

Server: S0

Time: 16:00-17:00 EDT

We will be updating Magerealm to a new version. All servers will be updated on June 15th. The update will take 3 hours, from 16:00-17:00 EDT (04:00-6:00 HKT). The servers will be down during the update. Please get offline ahead of the time. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

New Features
1. New Gameplay: Test of Titan

2. Chapter 6 Main Quests Unlcoked

3. New Function: Auction House 

4. Killing World BOSS grants special shards. You may redeem the shards in World BOSS Shop for 3-6 star Legendary equipments


1. Raiders:

The max participant in Raiders are cut to 20

Cut EXP reward from Raiders, pleyaers will get more Amethysts in this event

Increased ranking reward in Raiders

2. Ladder

Reduce the EXP reward difference between 1st and other players in Ladder

Added more Prestige rewards into Ladder fight winner rewards

3. Crucible of Angel

Reduce EXP reward from Crucible of Angel, players will get more Amethysts in this event

The free attempt of Crucible has been optimized to 1. Player can use diamonds to buy 1 extra attempt.

4. Duel

Added realmgems into League Chese Reward in Duel

5. Mana Cannon

Optimized reward for enhancing Mana Cannon, and increasing Prestige

6. Egg Hunt

Cut EXP reward from Egg Hunt, players will get more Amethysts in this event

7. Like Reward

Optimized Like Rewards to 1000 Gold per time

8. World BOSS

Reduce EXP reward from World BOSS, players will get more Amethysts in this event

9. Resources

Added more Angel Emblem into game


1. Some description mistakes have been fixed

2. World BOSS bug has been fixed

3. Grinding not granting EXP bug has been fixed

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