Version Update 1.1

Jun 19,2015

Update time: June 20th
Version number: 1.1
Server: S1
Time: Please wait for in-game announcement
We will be updating Magerealm to a new version. All servers will be updated on June 20th. The update will take several hours, as to the detailed time, please wait for our in-game announcement. The servers will be down during the update. Please get offline ahead of the time. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

New Features
1. Ordeal in Dungeon Hall
 New PVE Team Battle Online! Cooperate with other players and pass the ordeal of Heroes to get their respect, and countless rewards!
2. Queen Maze
 New Gameplay awaiting! Find out Elf Queen from other disguised queens, you will get her gratitude and the gift from Elves.

1. The over-time loading in some game features is optimized
2. Add recharge button "$" beside the Avatar
3. Server-wide announcement will pop up after first recharge

1. Some description mistakes have been fixed
2. Donate count doesn't fit with the log bug fixed
3. Equipment bestow failed, showing "paremeter error" bug fixed
4. Superior Mana Cannon Enhance doesnt grant contribution bug fixed
5. PM chat icon doesnt show bug fixed
6. skill using bug in new player quest is fixed
7. Imbue button leading to bestow panel bug is fixed

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