Version Update 1.23

Jul 04,2015

Update time: July 3rd
Version number: 1.23
Server: Whole Server
Time: Around 9:00~12:00 EDT (21:00~00:00 HKT)

We will be updating Magerealm to a new version. All servers will be updated on July 3rd. The update won't affect your game experience despite a chance of disconnection from server.
However, we will have another 2 updates on July 4th and July 6th as well. Please be prepared ahead of time because we will shut down the servers temporarily for the update on 6th.

1. PVP mode in World BOSS (for lvl.65-100) is now removed
2. Added Realmguard Soulstones into the game
3. Lvl.45 and above players can now donate Realmgems in Guild
4. Added reminder: Bestow of lvl.40 and below equipment doesn't need Bestow Stone in Craft>Bestow Panel
5. Added tutorial of lvl.20 Achievement function & lvl.24 Prestige function
6. You may now trade the Plumes from Celestial Chest in Raiders
7. Optimized the tutorial in Ordeal
8. Plume reward in Achievement now grants Radiant Plume instead of Eclipse Plume
9. Optimized some UI interface

10.The 2nd-Week Recharge Event ON .

1. Fixed the "status 1" bug in Mail Verification
2. Fixed the Check-in bug
3. Fixed error message popping up when socketing gem bug
4. Fixed the guild chat bug
5. Fixed the freezing when dying in Crucible bug
6. Fixed the check-in reward amount not show bug
7. Fixed the Mana Cannon Enhance not giving contribution or funds bug
8. Fixed some description error and translation mistakes

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