Version Update 1.30

Jul 07,2015

Update time: July 7th
Version number: 1.30
Server: Whole Server
Time: 6:00~10:00 EDT (18:00~22:00 HKT)

We will be updating Magerealm to a new version. All servers will be updated on July 7th. The update will take 4 hours, from 6:00~10:00 EDT (18:00~22:00 HKT). The servers will be down during the update. Please get offline ahead of the time. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

New Function:
1. New Gameplay: Archfiend Incursion - The Calling:
You must stop the 4 Lieutenants before they call the Archfiend! The destiny of Oaklane is now in your hands!
As reward to the Champion, 7-Star Legendary Equipment is awaiting.
2. New PVP Mode in Grinding:
1) Safe Mode: You won't auto-PK anyone
2) Attack All: You will auto-PK anyone within your sight
3) Guild Mode: You will auto-PK anyone within your sight, except your guildies.

1. BOSS in Starmoon Isle won't drop Tome of Guidance anymore.
2. The Grinding now contains only 8 players at one time, in 1 Dungeon.
3. Optimized the effect in some panel.

1. Fixed some translation mistakes

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