Version Update 2.11

Jul 22,2015

Update time: July 16th
Version number: 2.11
Server: S1
Time: Around 12:00 - 13:00 EDT (0:00 - 1:00 HKT)

We will be updating Magerealm to a new version. S1 will be updated first, on July 16th. The update won't affect your game experience. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

1. "Already Synthed" bug in Snatchers is fixed completely.
2. Translation in Dungeon is fixed.
3. Ladder reward display bug is fixed.
4. World BOSS doesn't drop Iron Shard bug is fixed.
5. Reward Display in Crucible of Angel Panel has been changed to "Gold, Amethyst, Keepsake".
6. Removed all the Keepsake II, Keepsake III. Rename Keepsake I as Keepsake. Now you only need Keepsake to Augment Angel. (There will be exchange event for Keepsake II and Keepsake III later)
7. Hero Missing bug is fixed.
8. We tried to fix Evil Banisher doesn't drop chest bug. Please inform us if you still have this bug after the update.

Bug under fixing
1. Guild BOSS doesn't give dedication
2. "Do Bonfire for 75 minutes" in Guild Medal Requirement
3. Level Imbalance in Skill Rune between Realmguard and other 2 Classes
4. There might still be some bugs after you reach Legend League in Duel
5. Potion effect expired earlier than it should be.

After the update yesterday, now some events grant different resource and materials. Here is a detailed list. Please check it out.
1. Crucible of Angel: Gold, Amethyst, Keepsake (more)
2. Queen Maze: Keepsake (more), Angel Emblem (more)
3. Egg Hunt: Amethyst (more)
4. Story Dungeon: Keepsake, Hero EXP (BOSS after Chapter 1 definitely drops)
5. Daily Quest: EXP (more), Holy Relic Material (more)
6. Challenge Dungeon: Legendary Equipment as we announced in V2.10 update, EXP (more)

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