Version Update 2.12

Jul 22,2015

Update time: July 18th
Version number: 2.12
Server: All Servers
Time: 9:45 - 12:00 EDT (21:45 - 00:00 HKT)

We will be updating Magerealm to a new version. All servers will be updated to Ver. 2.12 on July 18th. S2-S30 will be updated first. The update will take 3 hours, from 9:45 - 12:00 EDT (21:45 - 00:00 HKT). Then the S1. The servers will be down during the update. Please get offline ahead of the time. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

New Function:
1. New Hero: Shadow Elf as the 1st Hero you get in game instead of Thor.
2. The 2nd Hero Deploy slot unlocks at character lvl.22, now you may deploy 2 heroes at a time, which means there are 2 heroes fighting aside you! The 1st (and last) Substitute slot unlocks at character lvl.50
3. The 3rd Week Event is on! For servers who already passed or will pass the 3rd week soon, please do not worry, the event will be extended for some time.
4. A big reminder when you get killed, plus the killer's name will be added to "Friend List > You Enemies"
5. Scrolling Chat Function is now available in Collosseum.
6. Federation/Council Privilege can now be viewed in New Server Event also.
7. Diamond Draw X1 Function in Tavern.

1. You may now create a guild at lvl.18. Guild Event unlocks at lvl.18, Bounties unlock at lvl.29.
2. You will get a Legendary equipment every first time you get 3-star in 1 dungeon in Challenge.
3. You may now donate Gold and Realmgem as well in Guild. Diamond Donation unlocks at character lvl.20; Realmgem Donation at lvl.41; Gold Donation at lvl.51.
4. Hero Growth Rate Cap has been raised a little.
5. Optimized the difficulty of some stages in Challenge.
6. Hero Potential Cap of every level has been raised a little. Now ATK: 750; DEF: 1500; HP: 13500, thus, your potential level now might be reduced. However, please don't worry, neither your B.R nor the stats will decrease. And we will make compensation for players who reached hero potential lvl.4 and above.
7. Equipment Imbue level cap has been raised to lvl.100.
8. The SSS rating requirement of Chapter 6 Story Dungeon has been adjusted to 180s.
9. Adjust the Amethyst reward in Egg Hunt.
10. Cancelled the duration limit of Duel. Now you may fight in Duel all day.
11. Now, only by all your Heroes, and yourself dead, will you be considered as "Defeated/Failed" in auto-mode (Ladder and Snatchers).
12. M1 may now use bulk increase Hero Potential function.
13. Switched the position of Regular Event and Schedule Event in Daily Events.
14. Reduced the price of Bag Slot, Warehouse, and check-in.
15. Added Diamond Draw x1 in Tavern. Optimized the income of the Tavern Draw.
16. Grinding now is divided to "lvl.33-39","lvl.40-49","lvl.50-59"..."lvl.90-lvl.100". It should be easier to get EXP now.

17. Now some events grant different resource and materials. Here is a detailed list. Please check it out.
1) Crucible of Angel: Gold, Amethyst, Keepsake (more)
2) Queen Maze: Keepsake (more), Angel Emblem (more)
3) Egg Hunt: Amethyst (more)
4) Story Dungeon: Keepsake, Hero EXP (BOSS after Chapter 1 definitely drops)
5) Daily Quest: EXP (more), Holy Relic Material (more)
6) Challenge Dungeon: Legendary Equipment as we announced in V2.10 update, EXP (more)
7) Pool Party: Gold (more), No EXP anymore
8) Guild BOSS: Amethyst (more), No EXP anymore
9) World BOSS: Gold (more), Amethyst (more), No EXP anymore

18. Optimized the price of Diamond Draw in Tavern.
19. Removed all the Keepsake II, Keepsake III. Rename Keepsake I as Keepsake. Now you only need Keepsake to Augment Angel. (There will be exchange event for Keepsake II and Keepsake III later)
20. There are purchase limit in Coin Shop now.
21. Now you may buy insufficient materials from Realm Shop when Transcending Heroes.
22. Now Celeste Angel unlocks at lvl.49. To players who already deployed and augmented her, please don't worry. Once you unlock the Angel, she will still be the same as it was before update, which means her stats or B.R won't drop.

1. Fixed some translation mistakes.
2. Changed the name of Realmguard skill rune "Scald" to "Scorch", please send a ticket or post on forum if you mis-bought the Rune Book. We will exchange for you.
3. Fixed the Grinding EXP Bonus display bug.
4. Fixed the "Talent Book already synthed" error message bug in Snatchers.
5. Fixed the bug: Not receiving Duel Reward (Coin) anymore when you got Legend League. We will send compensation later after this update.
6. We tried to fix Evil Banisher doesn't drop chest bug. Please inform us if you still have this bug after the update.
7. Fixed the bug: Siphon and Pentacle level display error in Medal Requirement.
8. Fixed purchase limit display bug in Coin Shop.

Bug under fixing
1. Guild BOSS doesn't give dedication nor guild EXP
2. "Do Bonfire for 75 minutes" in Guild Medal Requirement
3. Level Imbalance in Skill Rune between Realmguard and other 2 Classes
4. There might still be some bugs after you reach Legend League in Duel
5. Potion effect expired earlier than it should be.
7. Pool Party: Gold (more), No EXP anymore
8. Guild BOSS: Amethyst (more), No EXP anymore
9. World BOSS: Gold (more), Amethyst (more), No EXP anymore

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