Version Update 2.14

Jul 28,2015

Update time: July 28th
Version number: 2.14
Server: S1-S42
Time: 10:00 - 12:30 EDT (22:00 - 00:30 HKT)

We will be updating Magerealm to a new version. All servers will be updated to Ver. 2.14 on July 28th. The update will take 3 and half hours, from 10:00 - 12:30 EDT (22:00 - 00:30 HKT). S1-S40, and S42 will be updated first. Then S41. The server will be down during the update. Please get offline ahead of the time. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!
New Function:

1. The angel skill rune function now enables you to enhance your angels’ skill runes by promoting Angel.
2. The 4rd Week Event for Toast Voucher is on, especially for servers which already passed or will pass the 4rd week soon.
3. Now the ranking of the calling is up and working. You can check your ranking in ranking in the next turn of calling.
4. A hero overall rating by system in Tavern and Hero Panel.


1. Optimize the items available in arena shop, world boss shop and ladder shop. (A)
2. Optimize the Egg Hunter function, now the time limit of Egg Hunter is 2 minutes, and you may leave the dungeon anytime you want with your amethysts.
3. The times of inviting your friends offline now is limited.
4. Optimize the story dungeon. Now you will get 1 star for each "S" you got. For players who already cleared the dungeon, you might lose stars due to the new clearance requirement. In this case, even you get all stars back, you are not able to get the star chest once again if you already claimed it before.
5. Balance the 3 characters’ skill runes, now each character skill has 6 skill runes. For classes who originally has less than 6 runes, your B.R might drop after you first operation related to B.R, no matter it is equipment enhancement, gem socketing, skill upgrade or anything else. Please do not worry in this case, it is a one time issue and we will send compensation later. We have to optimize this so that all the classes share the same level limit of rune. Please understand.
6. Now the Boss HP in the calling is decreased to 25%. and there is a time limit every time you enter the calling. This optimization prevents the players who abuse the character advantage to slain the boss.
7. You now get Iron Shard only, instead of Iron Shard(Helmet/Belt/xxxxxx) in World BOSS and Evil Banisher. (We will hold exchange event for the old items in Hot Events after update. Please check on time cuz the Hot Event won't last for long.)
8. Basic Reward you got from Calling is now called "Calling Chest" instead of "Calling Prize". Just a name change.
9. A chance of Bronze/Silver/Gold Chest Drop in Chapter 5 and 6 Story Dungeon now.
10. Now the SSS rating requirement of Chapter 1-5 Story Dungeon has been optimized to "0-59 seconds", SS rating "60-119 seconds".
11. Angel Rank Cap is now Rank 10.


1. Fixed some translation mistakes.
2. Fixed the Grinding EXP Bonus display bug.
3. About Evil Banisher Drop Issue: In the case that you don't get them or just get part of them, please check if your inventory is full, because as we checked, if your inventory is full, you won't get the reward either from drop nor from mail. Please be aware. Of course we will fix this bug as soon as we can. In the case that you don't get Siphon Stones, we are still testing and trying to locate the source of the bug. If anything could be a proof, please kindly report to us, so that we can speed up to fix it.
4. Fixed the bug: Some potions don’t take effect after being used.
5. Fixed the bug: Defender doesn’t increase dedication points in Guild.
6. Fixed the bug: Siphon and Pentacle level display error in Medal Requirement.
7. Fixed the display bug of the drops in Pool Party.
8. Fixed the bug that Chapter 6 Dungeon doesn't drop lvl.60 equipment.
9. Fixed the bug that Daily Events icon shows up at char lvl.1.
10. Fixed the display bug of Realmgem and Diamond amount on S1.
11. Fixed the bug that some functions (like Hero) cannot be activated even you reached certain level on S1.
12. Fixed the "Function coming soon" bug when you are doing the quest on S1.
13. Fixed the bug that you cannot impeach the Guild Leader even if he is offline for more than 7 days.
14. Fixed the bug that S3 player cannot do Queen Maze or Egg Hunt. (Will send compensation later)

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