Version Update 2.16

Aug 04,2015

Update time: August 5th
Version number: 2.16
Server: All Servers
Time: Please wait for the in-game announcement  
We will be updating Magerealm to a new version. All servers will be updated to Ver. 2.16 on August 4th. Please wait for our further announcement. All servers will be down during the update. Please get offline ahead of the time. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

New Function:
1. Title for Heroes! Now your heroes will get title when it reaches certain potential level. Of course, bonus stats for the titles!
2. Star Vein for Hero Growth Rate Increase in Pentacle Gameplay. Now you can increase your Growth Rate by unlock Star Vein. The original Growth Rate Gameplay got removed from game. Please aware that neither of your Growth Rate nor your Battle Rating will be affected. The extra growth rate you increased before will be added to Star Vein automatically no matter you unlocked the Pentacle or not. Please do not worry.
3. Story Video when creating a new Character, you may now learn more about the History of Magerealm!
4. Even heroes with same names now have different Growth Rate from Tavern Draw! (There will be a votality within certain range)
5. You can now preview the skill rune's effect.

1. All Warrior Heroes' HP bonus, Support Heroes' DEF bonus, Assassin Heroes' ATK bonus from siphon are now increased a little.
2. Removed Mana Chip I, II, III, IV from the game. You may exchange your Mana Chip through Hot Events. The event won't last long so please check it out soon.
3. Now if your inventory is full, your reward of Evil Banisher will be sent through in-game mail. We are sorry for the bug, and if you find you still cannot get the reward, please come to us with screenshot or other proof, we will check it again.
4. In Calling, if you didn't defeat the previous BOSS, next BOSS's HP will inherit from the previous one, which means Calling get 1 step easier again.
5. In Hero Bestow, The Original Growth Rate of Inherit Hero must be higher than Bestower's. Also, Bestow between the Heroes with same names doesn't need Inherit Materials anymore. 1 thing need to be mentioned again, that when you bestow, the siphon level won't be inherited. You will get some Siphon Materials back only.
6. The 4th Day Task in 7 Day Reward: Raise Potential level has now been changed to "Raise character to lvl.40".
7. Raiders (Nightmare) doesn't give Celestial's Tear anymore. Instead, it gives 5(before)→8(now) Dragon Bones for #1, 3→6 for #2, 2→5 for #3, 1→3 for #4-10, 1→2 for #11+.
8. You won't get diamond consumption reminder when you have a Toast Voucher.
9. Now you can see the equipment chest in Duel/World BOSS Shop 5 level ahead of the equipment level. (eg: You will see lvl.40 chest when you are lvl.35 now).
10. You will get Potential Essense in Ordeal, EXP Potion I in Daily Reward and Achievement, Star Vein in Duel and Realm Shop now, instead of Mana Chip.
11. Now you can get into M2 Trial at char lvl.45, M5 Trial at lvl.60, M8 Trial at lvl.100 even if you are M0.
12. Now all players on all servers can view the recharge event in New Server Event.
13. Adjusted the visual effect of Spellmaster & Realmguard's skill.

1. Fixed some translation mistakes.
2. Fixed the bug that potion expired earlier than it should be.
3. Fixed the bug that you cannot collect the chest in Haunted Castle
4. Fixed the bug that you have more imbue level than you thought when Bestowing.
5. Fixed the bug that it needs you to exchange Static Soul with Strongbrew Shard.
6. Fixed the bug that Guild Medal shows different names.
7. Fixed the bug that you cannot claim the 6th day's Realmgem in 1st Week Recharge of New Server Event. You can claim it now.
8. Fixed the bug that you have to refresh to get the Duel Reward after fight when you reached League Legend.
9. Fixed the bug that you won't get any star in some circumstances in Story Dungeon after last update.
10. Fixed the bug that you cannot draw the Guaranteed Legendary Hero when it shows 0 turn, and then get glitched.
11.Fixed the bug that you cannot open Dungeon Hall after you cleared Chapter 6.
12. Fixed the GM Title thoroughly.

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