Version Update 2.21

Aug 21,2015

Update time: August 21st
Version number: 2.21
Time: 8:00-9:00 EDT (20:00-21:00 HKT)

We will be updating Magerealm to a new version. All servers will be updated to Ver. 2.21 at 8:00 EDT (20:00 HKT) on August 21st. This update won't affect your game experience. It might cause the connection to server though. Sorry for the inconvenience in advance.

1. Added new player protection buff for players in Chapter 1, so that they won't easily die.
2. Added check-in reward for 31st day in Daily Reward.
3. Optimized visual effect of the wings system.
4. Optimized the reward content of lvl.60 Pit Lord Chest I and lvl.70 Pit Lord Chest I
5. Optimized the visual effect in Mage Poker, and added the tutorial.
6. Added tutorial in Ordeal.
7. Optimized the Ranking of Crucible of Angel. Now you may see the rankings of different difficulty altogether in one ranking list.
8. Optimized the difficulty of Ordeal. (Basically made it easier)
9. Added Lucky Strike in Angel Promotion and removed the diamond purchase for success rate.
10. Optimized the difficulty in Challenge (Basically made it easier)

1. Optimized the requirement for rewards in Purchase Frenzy of New Server Event. (Players who already claimed the reward will get compensation.)
2. Optimized the claim time of the title in New Server Event, from 8th day, to 5th day server time.

1. Fixed the bug of SSS/SS/S rating requirement in daily request.
2. Fixed the bug that Angel Augment tutorial won't disappear for some players.
3. Fixed the bug of Ordeal requirement in 7 Day Reward.
4. Fixed the description mistake of Dragonbone.
5. Fixed some translation mistakes.
6. Fixed the bug that players stuck at lvl.23 quest: Dark Abyss I.
7. Fixed the bug that you might get "card data error" and get stuck in Mage Poker.

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