Version Update 2.30

Sep 02,2015

Update time: September 2nd
Version number: 2.30
Time: 4:00-6:30 EDT (16:00-18:30 HKT)
We will be updating Magerealm to a new version. All servers will be updated to Ver. 2.40 at 2:30 EDT (14:30 HKT) on 2nd September. Please get offline ahead of the time. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

New Function:
1. Retrieval function arrives! Now players who failed to collect rewards while offline are now able to regain them in Retrieval. (Daily Rewards>Retrieve. Function available at character level 9) 
2. 2v2 Arena arrives! Players now are able to invite friends to start a 2V2 battle in the Team Arena. Enjoy the cool fighting here!
3.Titan Relic arrives! Divine Scepter, Ocean Heart and Mirror of Truth, the Titan Relic(Dungeon Hall>Might) now grand debut with new dungeons and gameplay.

1. Now you can enter the Poker ranking when you hit 200 scores every day.  The score you win will be doubled than before, which wil make it much easier to get you into ranking. And Max Score of score reward: 1500 score has been replaced by 700, which .
2. The price of Magic Trick decreased to 50 Realmgems/Diamonds.
3. The price of purchasing attempt in Poker decreased a little.
4. Arcane Jump, the second skill of The Raider is optimized now. The cooldown time increased to 7 seconds.
5. Optimized the interface of realm shop.
6. Optimized the difficulty in Ordeal, increase the attack of boss after 50th stage while reducing their HP.
7. Nerf the healing effect of players’hero or character skills in Ordeal. Now all healing skill in Ordeal just heal as 50% as normal. And the effect of your potions will make normal in Ordeal.
8. You may now purchase Radiant Plume, Eclipse Plume and Dragonbone in Realm Shop.

1. Fixed the wrong level boss in the calling.
2. Fixed the wrong equipment in the calling.
3. Fixed the bug that players can not check-in in the 31st day. (It will work since October)
4. Fixed the bug that players can not collect rewards in Mage Poker
5. Fixed the missing skill of Soul Reaper.
6. Fixed some display bugs and translation mistakes.
7. Added filtered word: Okaygoods into World Chat

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