Version Update 2.50

Sep 28,2015

Update time: 26th September
Version number: 2.50


We will be updating Magerealm to a new version. All servers will be updated to Ver. 2.50 at 8:00 EDT(20:00 HKT)on 26th September. Please get offline ahead. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!


New Function:
1. Turf War --- Part of the Guild War. Like 2V2 Arena, this function hasn’t been completed yet, and more function like GUILD VS GUILD PVP Fighting is still under developing! Please visit: http://community.gtarcade.com/post/87874/ for details.

2. Attribute of Hero

The Hero Stat Attribute system is coming! You may train a hero and make it a real "Assassin" or "Warrior" or "Support" hero by increasing their particular stat (Stats other than HP/ATK/DEF). However, the hero B.R system needs a great change as well in next update. For more details, please visit:http://community.gtarcade.com/post/86288/

Item for Attribute System: Aptitude Stone

3. Balanced Mode in 2V2 Arena

Are you still complaining about no real PVP fight in 2V2 Arena? Balanced Mode will solve this problem! This mode unlocks at 13:00 till 14:00 server time every day. Players who get in there during the event will have to use their wisdom and technology only to fight their enemies!


1.    You can only match online players, which means a real PVP fight is in front of you!

2.    You can see the HP meter of both player and heroes in fight (in and outside of Balance Mode)

3.    Rewards during Balance Mode will raise by 50%.

4.    You will be limited to almost the same condition to start the fight. Which means, in fight:

1.    Player B.R will remain in the same class

2.    Your character level will remain at lvl.60, with lvl.60 7-Star Equipment (Enhance level 9 & lvl.3 Gem socketed)

3.    Your character level will remain at lvl.60, with lvl.60 7-Star Equipment (Enhance level 9 & lvl.3 Gem socketed)

4.    Your deployed heroes will remain at lvl.50, Growth Rate 2000, Potential level 3, Pentacle level 5, Siphon level stays the same.

5.    Your Angels will remain at Rank 5, Promotion level 30, Skill level stays the same.

6.    Your Talent level will remain at lvl.4, skill level, rune level stays the same.

7.    Your Holic Relic will remain at Rare quality, your Titan Relic stays the same.


1. About Oaklane:

1)    Scheduled Time for Oaklane: 12:00 – 23:59:59 server time. (The event will be moved to Daily Events > Scheduled)

2)    For each difficulty, the Wraith Token you need increases with attempts. 1st attempt costs Token X1, with each additional attempt 1 more Token is required, limit is Token X10.

3)    The revival in Oaklane costs 5 Diamond/Realmgem for the 1st time, with each additional revival, 5 more Diamond/Realmgem is required, limit is 50 Diamond/Realmgem.

4)    The Devotion Reward for Wraith Token is now 1.

5)    Increased the drop rate of equipment, and EXP for killing mobs.

6)    You cannot collect items of mobs killed by others any more, which means, you have to attack BOSS/Minion/Mob at least once to get the drops.


2. About Item

1) Removed ATK/DEF/HP Essence II & III. (You only Essence I, which is now called Essence to upgrade.)

2) Removed Anima II & III. (You only Anima I, which is now called Anima to upgrade.)

3) Added Aptitude Stone I & II & III into game.

4) We will make exchange events for the items which no longer exists, please check the Hot Events after update.


3. About Tavern

1) Character level for drawing Heroes has been opimitzed.

2) Removed ATK/DEF/HP Essence II & III, Anima II & III, added Aptitude Stone I into Tavern.

3) Tavern for character lvl.1-42 now gives Hero EXP Potion and Siphon Stone; For lvl.43+ gives Hero ATK/HP/DEF Essence as well; For lvl.57+ gives Aptitude Stone I & II & III, Anima (Anima I) as well.

4) Changed the Hero drop rate.


4. About Hero

1) The siphon level of Hero will be greatly changed! For details, please visit: http://community.gtarcade.com/post/87853/

All Heroes now own 1 skill only before their Siphon Skill is unlocked, except White Fang.

The siphon level cap has been optimized.

2) Attribute System

The Attribute level cap depends on Hero system rating.

Hero System Rating Attribute Level Limit Certain Stat Attribute Level Limit
C 30 10
B 60 20
A 90 30
120 40
SS 150 50

Your hero will get HP/DEF/ATK bonus when reaching certain Attribute level.

3) Growth Rate

The hero stat bonus after leveling up for Growth Rate has been optimized. The heroes now increases stats by their Class. Warriors get HP > DEF > ATK, Assassins get ATK > HP > DEF, Supports get ATK = HP = DEF. Please notice that your hero stats might be increased or reduced due to this change.

4) The B.R rate of Hero stats and Character stats have been optimized. The character B.R might be increased a little because of this.


5. About Ordeal

1) Add Aptitude Stone I & II in Purgatory Stage 31-60 and Nightmare Stage 1-80.

2) The price of Demon Hunter in Ordeal Shop has been optimized.


6. Imbue system has been changed. You need more EXP to level up before lvl.50, and less EXP to level up after lvl.50. In the meantime, the stat bonus of each imbue level has been improved. Thus your imbue stats will have changes after update.

7. Midas Touch for Amethyst Event has been over.

8. Grinding Event has been put down for temporary maintenance. We will keep you informed about the progress.

9. Make the following items stack till 999 at most:

Iron Shard
Angel Emblem
Raidiant Plume
Eclipse Plume

10. Removed Hallowed Stone from Star Chests in Story Dungeon.

11. Singularity Skill of Spellmaster has been strengthened. The ATK damage raised from 90% to 110%. Please do not worry, we will keep doing optimization to keep the 3 class balanced.

12. Added T6 Exclusive Fashion into game. (You may have a preview in Wardrobe and Trade Federation Panel.)

13. Now if your Mage Council expired, it will show M0 on the main screen, but the real Council Level is still inside the panel.

14. Add Aptitude Stone I into 2V2 Arena Shop.

15. The wings now stay active once you activated them by reaching requirement. Still, if you used a Council Trial Card, the wings will still de-active after the card expired.

1. Most of severe bugs have been fixed before this update

2. Some translation mistake and display bug.

3. The 2v2 title bug expires ahead of time bug has been fixed.


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Forum: http://community.gtarcade.com/group/2098
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