Version Update 2.52

Oct 11,2015

This update didn't affect your game experience and it has taken place already.

1. Mage Council 1-Day Card, 7-Day Card have been back.
2. Panda Monk Summon Card for 7th Day Reward of 7 Day Reward is now replaced by Hero Badge x500.
3. You will get a mail to tell you how many resources you got from Turf War Rank Reward every Thursday after the event. (Only Gold will be in the attachment, other guild resources will be directly added to guild balance)

1. Turf War Ranking bug has been fixed.
2. Substitute Hero Slot bug has been fixed.
3. Title in New Server Event cannot be used bug has been fixed. (The new title for players who suffered the bug will be sent before next Tuesday)
4. Medium Mana Soulstone bug has been fixed.
5. 3RD Siphon description of Sinister Fate bug has been fixed.

Bug under fixing (Need to wait for server-down update):
1. "You are in a team already" bug in 2V2 Arena.
2. Sin Point System even counts in Raiders and Duel bug.
3. Anima II remains in WB digging event.
4. No Evil Banisher Ranking, no Titan Relic B.R system.
5. Wings system calculates differently than before.

Bug that might be updated today later (If not, then it will be updated together in next update)
1. Bug that some players cannot blitz Egg Hunt nor join in manually.
2. Bug which players can abuse to do Queen Maze multiple times.

Bugs under checking, and might need your help to replicate:
1. Hero target system in Wraith of Oaklane.
2. Paladin's healing skill doesn't work after evolving it.
3. Truthkeeper/Realmgurad's healing skill effect is still weaker than it used to be.
4. The B.R you get in 2V2 Arena Balance Mode won't go back to normal, unless you refresh.
5. Game crushes if you open Temp Inventory with OPERA browser.

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