Version Update 2.541

Oct 21,2015

Edited: The update has been delayed for six hours, starts from 16:50-18:50 EST (4:50-6:50 HKT)
Update time: 17th October
Version number: 2.541
Server: All Servers
Time: 10:30 - 11:30 EST (22:30-23:30 HKT)
We will be updating Magerealm to a new version. All servers will be updated to Ver. 2.541 on 17th October. All servers will be down at 10:30 am EST (22:30 pm HKT). Please get offline ahead of time. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

New Function:
1. Guild War
Kill the BOSS and fight for the TOP3 Guild in Damage Rank to get the ticket to Elimination Match! Time for honor!
Event Time: 
Preliminary Match: 20:30-20:45 every Saturday (Server Time)
Elimination Match: 20:45-21:00 every Saturday after Preliminary Match (Server Time)
* All the Heroes, Angels, Character of other players will be hid automatically (Only their name will show) in Preliminary Match, All Angels and Character of other players will be hid automatically in Elimination Match  (Only their name and heroes will show)
* In Elimination Match: 
   Crystal Ore (Small) +5 Mana Cannon Points, 5 Points
   Crystal Ore (Large) +30 Points
   Open Treasure Chest +100 Points
   Kill an opponent +10 Points
   BOSS appears after 3 Treasure Chests are collected, killing BOSS grants 200 Points
   Mana Cannon does AOE once after reaching 200 Mana Cannon Points
   Guild which reaches 10,000 Points first wins.
Function unlocks at character lvl.30

2. Omnisets
As the reward of Guild War, Omnisets grants a huge boost of B.R to your character. You may also forge them from your Legendary Equipment. Gather a whole set of Omniset for more Set Bonus!

3. Craft Panel of Hero Equipment
You may now craft Hero Equipment in Craft panel!

1. Added tips: "The skill bonus of Soulstone on Hero Equipment will not take affect." when equipping Soulstone on Heroes.
2. Added Hero Equipment into Mage Road.
3. Slight optimization in Gem system, for the preparation of Gems of more stats.

1. Temp Inventory won't crash anymore in Wraith of Oaklane.
2. Anima II has been removed from WB Dig event.
3. Bug that Trial blitz reward cannot be collected after the Mage Council expires has been fixed.
4. Display bug in 2V2 Arena Ranking has been fixed.
5. lvl.38 Flying Quest in Main Quest has been fixed.
6. Display bug in mail system when you delete mails has been fixed.
7. The bug that the offline team mate you invited to 2V2 Arena will be kicked out when the battle starts has been fixed.
8. The bug that you will get error message collecting Challenge blitz reward after you organize your bag has been fixed.

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