Version Update 3.11

Nov 27,2015

Update time: 26th November

Version number: 3.11

Server: All Servers

Time: Around 7:00 a.m (EST)

We will be updating Magerealm to a new version. All servers will be updated to Ver. 3.11 at 7:00 EDT(20:00 HKT) on 26th November. Please get offline ahead. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

New Event:

Black Friday Shop is coming! 

1. The shop will provide merchandise X6 randomly every time. Among the 6 items on sale, 1 of them is provided of a huge discount!

2. The merchandise refreshes every 4 hours. (or when you clear all the merchandise) The shop also refreshes at 5:00 am. 

3. Rewards are offered if you reached certain consumption progress.

New Function

New Level Cap and Mage Proficiency!

1. New Level Cap (lvl.89) and Mage Proficiency unlock at lvl.69

2. The level of Proficiency decides your current level cap. (Example: Proficiency lvl.1, Level cap lvl.70) Players who hit lvl.69 or above already will stay at current level until they reached the corresponding Proficiency level.

3. Use Dust of Arcana to level up Proficiency. You may exchange it with your extra EXP.

4. Eye of Arcana grants more Stats Bonus.

5. More function will come in Proficiency in the future!


1. You cannot see opponents in Ladder bug has been fixed.

2. The rank messed in Ladder bug has been fixed.

3. You get Success and Failing message at same time in Fury Road without any reward bug has been fixed.

4. The panel shows you did Raid more than 3 times in Fury Road bug has been fixed.

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