Version Update 3.20

Dec 08,2015

Edited: The update has been over at 19:50 EST. Please enjoy!

Update time: 12/5/2015
Version number: 3.20
Server: All Servers
Time: 18:25 EST

We will be updating Magerealm to a new version. All servers will be updated to Ver. 3.20 at 18:25 EST(7:25 HKT) on12/4. Please get offline ahead. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

New item
1. New Hero: Tempest Kinight
2. New Mount: Adamantine Wolf

New Function
1. Chapter 8 of Main Quest
2. More syphon level for heroes!

1. Prestige/Medal/Achievement System have been merged and optimized! It's now a brand new system, let's explore! (Notice that you can only collect rewards for newly created  achievements. Old achievements you already claimed can't be collected again.)
2. Now when you are loading you can do something else. This is for players who often stuck at loading.
3. Optimized the loading resource, please check if the loading gets faster for you.

1. Bug that you can inspire multiple times if you click the icon quickly has been fixed.
2. Bug that you will get black screen when doing some daily events has been fixed.
3. Bug that when you hero is over lvl.70, you will get potential upgrade congrat chat insteading of level upgrade ones has been fixed. (In bug progress list NO.1)

Bug I will keep pushing:
1. Skirmish disconnect problem
2. Everything listed here: Bug Progress

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