Version Update 3.21

Dec 10,2015

Update time: 12/10/2015
Version number: 3.21
Server: S1-S104,S106-S108
Time: 4:30 EST (17:30 HKT)

We will be updating Magerealm to a new version. The servers mentioned above will be updated to Ver. 3.21 at 4:30 EST (17:30 HKT) on 12/10. Please get offline ahead of time. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

1. Added Mount B.R into B.R system on the top left corner.
2. Even if you are disconnected from Skirmish, you will still get rewards according to your current score.

1. The event reminder in Chat system has been fixed.
2. Players on other servers appear on the WB Damage Ranking of your server. This bug has been fixed.
3. In Cypher, you stuck/gem disappeared/combo stuck. This bug has been fixed.
4. In Skirmish, the HIT (might be more stats) of your heroes isn\'t added up correctly. This bug has been fixed.
5. Sometimes when you try to create a team in 2V2 Arena, it shows you are in a team already. This bug has been fixed.
6. Diamonds will be cut first when you reset Fashion Aura. This bug has been fixed.
7. You cannot feed or train other mounts than Basic Mount. This bug has been fixed.
8. Angel Rune Book: ATK+45% is not working properly. This bug has been fixed.
9. Ranking messed in Prestige Rank. This bug has been fixed.
10. Description error in Achievement has been fixed: some needs requirement: Ranking XX in Server Ranking (Hotkey= T) but not in the event.
11. You get black screen when you click on "Full Screen" (Hotkey: =). This bug has been fixed.

Bug I will keep pushing:
1. Some players cannot do dig after Chest War in World BOSS.
2. You cannot see all opponents in Ladder sometimes. This bug has been fixed.

Explanations for some "bugs":
Q: I sometimes lost in Ladder even though I killed my opponents, why?
A: This is because you have faught till time is up. When time is up, you will be considered lost, no matter how much HP you still have. We will optimize the rules in the future.

Q: My enemy has already started the fight while I am still in Countdown in 5V5 Arena, why?
A: Not only them, you can also start the fight in 5V5 Arena. Later we will add shelter in Countdown.

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