Version Update 3.40

Dec 23,2015

Update time: 12/19/2015
Version number: 3.40
Server: All server
Time: 9:00 am EST (22:00 HKT)

We will be updating Magerealm to a new version. The servers mentioned above will be updated to Ver. 3.40 at 9:00 am EST (22:00 HKT) on 12/19. Please get offline ahead of time. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

1. Add block in 5v5, there will be a block before time discount ends.
2. Increase speed of cargo in Fury Road.
3. Some items can stack to 999

1. Player who kill boss in 10 seconds get no reward in Weekly Boss.
2. Skill is in CD but angel can still attack in auto mode when playing Ordeal from one stage to the next, optimize CD to 0 when going to next stage.
3. Correct text "Ladder" to "Duel" in Achieve system of Arena.
4. Fix player can't get rewards or get wrong rewards in cross server Fury Road.
5. Player can't collect reward in Achieve system of Duel.
1. Functions and Events of new server and old server will be the same, include but no limited to,
    I. Achieve System: now all server will have Achieve System,
    II. Mount purchase unclocks at player level 22,
    III. Each function at each level optimized in game.
2. AFK
    I. AFK Room will be replace by AFK Reward panel, player need to collect EXP for each AFK in AFK panel.
    II. EXP will be cumulated if player do not collect it AFK panel.
    III. Player have to collect EXP in 48 hours or it will be cleared by system.
    IV. There will be basic, 2x and 4x EXP in panel to collect, player can only choose one to collect,
         no limit to collect basic EXP,
         2x EXP available for player at T4 and T5 with Realmgems or Diamonds,
         4x EXP available for player at T6 and above with Diamonds.
3. Enhance
    I. Weapon level can be enhanced up to 20 now.
4. Wings Evolve
    I. Wings can imbue other wings.
5. Christmas stuff
    Christmas Fashion, wings and mounts Santa deer.
1. Christmas Events
   Condition: Player level 20 and above
   Duration: 5:00 am 12/19 - 5:00 am 12/23, at server opened for 9 days
   I. Christmas Wheel
   II. Christmas Feast
   III. Christmas tree

Bug I will keep pushing:
1. Some players cannot do dig after Chest War in World BOSS.

Explanations for some "bugs":
Q: I sometimes lost in Ladder even though I killed my opponents, why?
A: This is because you have faught till time is up. When time is up, you will be considered lost, no matter how much HP you still have. We will optimize the rules in the future.

Q: My enemy has already started the fight while I am still in Countdown in 5V5 Arena, why?
A: Not only them, you can also start the fight in 5V5 Arena. Later we will add shelter in Countdown.

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