Version Update 3.50

Jan 22,2016

Update time:1/22/2016
Version number: 3.50
Server: All Servers
Time: Around 09:00 am EST

We will be updating Magerealm to a new version. The servers mentioned above will be updated to Ver. 3.50 at around 9:00 am EST on 1/22. Please get offline ahead of time. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

New Function:
1. Brand New Angel System
The current Angel system will be replaced. Angels will be divided into 2 Alliances: Chaos & Order.
Old Augment rank now turns into Alliance Augment
Old Promotion now turns into Alliance Promotion
(Angels of same Alliance share the same Augment and Promotion status)
New system now contains:
Angel Growth Rate: The more the Growth, the more stats bonus and B.R you will get after levelling up.
Angel level: Higher the Angel level, more stats.
Angel Rebirth level: Higher the Angel Rebirth level, higher the Angel skill level, more Growth Rate and Rune slots you will get.
(Notice that each Angel has her own level and Rebirth)

2. Mount Bag
Each mount will carry a bag to ease your burden!
Basic Mount +6 bag slots
Pegasus +8 bag slots
Rest of the mounts (exsisting) +10 bag slots
Please check the warehouse for details

3. New item
Angel EXP Potion: Use to increase Angel EXP to level up. (Available in Main Story, Realm Shop>Item/Exchange, Devotion Reward, Crucible of Angel)
New Angel: Aquarius
Omniset Marks (The mark name various from the Omniset names) in events. You may exchange them for the corresponding Omniset in Omniset > Exchange (Hotkey=Y)

4. New Stats
Pierce Damage (PD): The bonus damage when your attacks pierce.
Pierce Rate (PR): Chance for attacks to pierce, dealing pierce Damage and causing this attack to ignore DEF.
Available from Omniset only.

Event Related:
1. Realm Patron and New Mystery Shop is up and ready! (Please refer to: Realm Patron Hot Events)
Realm Patron: 5:00 a.m. 1/22/2016 ~ 22:00 p.m. 1/24/2016 for S1-S134
Mystery Shop: 5:00 a.m. 1/22/2016 ~ 5:00 a.m. 1/25/2016 for S1-S134
Different from the old Mystery Shop, in new Mystery Shop, you can only by discount items in Diamond Shop. There is no discount for Realmgem/Gold Shop.
The items you got from Mystery Shop still count to the Ream Patrons.

1. Optimized the drops from Crucible of Angel (Normal/Purgatory/Nightmare)
2. Added achievement for new Angel system.
3. Optimized the quality of some heroes.
4. Optimized the 7 Day Reward and New Server Event.
5. Optimized the Devotion requests and rewards.
6. Unlocked the Hero Badge exchange and draw x10 for all heroes at char lvl.15.

1. Added the reminder when you lost due to time up in Ladders. (Time up after 3 minutes)
2. Added the reminder when you try to unlock juicy escort while the Fury Road event hasn't started yet.
3. Fixed the bug that your Total B.R ≠ Basic B.R + Equipment + .... + Codex B.R. on your panel. Please do not worry if you found your B.R increased/decreased because of no reason. Your true Battle Rating isn't affected.
4. Fixed the bug that you might be defeated by players with much lower B.R (Please refer to: Recent Battle Issue)

Bug in progress:
1. The enemy gets the immune effect while the Tide Hunter is attacking.

2. Sometimes you won't get rewards after Guild War Elimination.
3. You need to re-enter the Calling to collect the rewards if you killed it too fast.
4. Sometimes you cannot enter the Chest War after dig.

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